Pouring sequencing gels the old fashion way

Paul N Hengen pnh at cutterjohn.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Apr 18 10:44:30 EST 1996

Patrick HJ Falckh (p.falckh at rmit.edu.au) wrote:

: Why use tape at all?? - I've used bull-dog clip which you can get at 
: any Office equipment/newsagent, are re-usable, maintain a contant 
: pressure and quick to apply.  Tape is dependent on binding/adhering to 
: the glass while the clips aren't.  Give it a try ... it may not be the 
: 'old fashioned' way but it is reliable and in-expensive.

I have to agree with Patrick. I used to spend hours taping and taping the
most pefectly sealed glass plates. Then I switched labs and switched to
bull dogs. I use five clips for the entire gel and pour the acrylamide
in while tipping the plates toward me until it's almost all full, then
lay it flat. We also have a bunch of those heavy duty spring clamps with
rubber on the inside of the mouth that we got from a hardware store.
These are really nice and strong, and easier to open IMO because you can
use your whole hand to press them open instead of just thumb and finger.

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