uncatalyzed phospholipase-D reaction

phillip messersmith pbm at uic.edu
Thu Apr 18 10:14:40 EST 1996

I would like to convert, using phospholipase-D, various synthetic
phosphatidylcholine lipids to phosphatidic acid in aqueous suspensions of the 
lipids WITHOUT the use of organic catalysts such as diethyl ether, etc.  
However, most of the published protocols utilize diethyl ether as a catalyst.  
Is the activity of PL-D just slower in the absence of the catalyst, or is it 
specifically required?  Does anybody run PL-D reactions in the absence of 
catalyst, or know of a literature reference for this?  Thanks in advance.

Please reply to PBM at UICVM.UIC.EDU

Phillip B. Messersmith
pbm at uic.edu

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