Pouring sequencing gels the old fashion way

Alexander Kraev kraev at bc.biol.ethz.ch
Thu Apr 18 07:49:53 EST 1996

IMHO, a gel leaking AFTER polymerization or DURING polymerization may
indicate a problem with the wrong ratio of APS and TEMED. Try using
relatively more TEMED and less APS on a relatively cool (20 C) gel
solution. Typically for 100 ml of gel: 400 ul 10% APS and 60-80 ul 
As for the gel pouring methods, I had a chance to try the Li-Cor
sequencer, and it comes with special "rails" to fix the gel plates
at the sides. I suspect they are similar to the BRL gadget. If you are
to stick with the old fashion way, get these rails. I am sorry to
intrude, because you basically asked for a tape, but some good ol' 
things do disappear for ever...

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