BIOTIN - is it still active?

Malgorzata Wilczynska margaret at
Fri Apr 19 03:25:18 EST 1996

Hey everybody,

I have a protein that is labelled with biotin.  I have to incubate 
the protein in harsh conditions (0.1% SDS at 95 oC for 10 min, 
or 1M NH4OH for 18 h at room temperature, or 0.1 M Gly pH 2.8 for 1 h 
at room temperature) before restoring physiological conditions.
Does anyone know if biotin molecule attached to my protein will
be still active toward avidine or streptavidine after such protein 

                                   Thanks in advance,
                                   Malgorzata Wilczynska
                                   Medical Biochemistry
                                   Umeå University
                                   margaret at


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