Trizol RNA purity

Kathy L kathryn at U.Arizona.EDU
Fri Apr 19 14:34:20 EST 1996

On 19 Apr 1996, Edward Wang wrote:

> I am currently using Trizol from gibco for my total RNA prep.  Out of 
> curiosity, what are the 260/280 reading people are gettin?  Also, has 
> anyone used the reagents with tissues with high RNAse...And did you have 
> to take extra precautions to prevent the RNA from getting chewed up?

Well, I've been using Trizol for awhile and my 260/280 readings always 
seem to be about 2.0-2.1.  Been using it on RNA from mammalian cells 
though, not tissues, but that shouldn't make any difference.

kathryn at

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