VTWB PCR Machine??

Gene Huh gshuh at garnet.berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 19 10:17:26 EST 1996

Hello fellow netters,
   In trying to duplicate closely some degenerate PCR conditions obtained
from a published paper, a water-cooled VTWB thermal cycler was referred
to.  This machine was apparently made by a company in San Diego.  Since I
don't know what company this would be, I would appreciate it if anybody
who does know could supply me with a phone number.  I'm really interested
in knowing whether this machine ramps like a old or new-style Perkin-Elmer
Thanks in advance,
Gene Huh
gshuh at garnet.berkeley.edu

P.S.  I suppose vtwb could mean something generic like "variable
temperature water-based"; if so, I guess I'm screwed.  Hope not :)

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