Are plasmids purified by Qiagen really that bad?????

Lo Wing Ip Anthony alo at
Fri Apr 19 20:30:05 EST 1996

The Wagner Lab (ewlab at wrote:

: I've been talking to some people (more dislike it than like it, that's 
: for sure) that really hate Qiagen plasmid preps because apparently the 
: DNA often doesn't work as well as Cs purified for transfections and for 
: in vitro transcription.  Does anyone have any opinions (with experimental 
: support, of course) to the contrary?? 

The laboratory I was previously working have been using it for at least
three years. We have been using it for in-vitro transcription (Ambion kit)
and microinjection into Xenopus oocytes. The lab was successful in cloning
the cNT-1 (concentrative nucleoside transporter) and a few functional
study of amino acid transporters. (Prof. J.D. Young's Lab in Physiology,
University of Alberta).

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