Rep : oligo synthesizer

Mr SHIRE David David.SHIRE at
Fri Apr 19 02:15:58 EST 1996

> Hi there,
>     We may buy an oligo synthesizer. Right now, we have looked Beckman 1000,
> priced around $19,800 canadian dollar (1 CND=0.73 USD). Any comments on this
> model or any other suggestions are appreciated. We were told that this is
> the fastest one in the world that can make 25 mer within 40 mins. Is it true?
>     Please reply to this account. 
>     thanks.
> William
 Hello William,

	I don't know anything about the Beckman machine, but don't take into account the rapidity claim if you intend to use synthetic oligos for PCR cloning or linker synthesis or anything which necessitates absolute sequence fidelity. Rapid synthetic cycles equate corner cutting in the chemistry and we all know what short cuts can lead to. What's the point of saving 10 or 15 minutes if later on you have to spend weeks sequencing clones to find something that is free of mutations? If you just need to synthesize probes or sequencing primers, oligo fidelity is no problem and you can buy just about anything.
	So, what machine do you buy? I wish I knew the answer, since it seems that all the manufacturers are involved in trying to get their machines into the Guinness Book of Records and ignoring the quality aspect. 
	It woould be nice if people who have recently bought machines could post their experiences, especially positive ones.


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