hybing without shaking??

Pam Snyder snyder.9 at osu.edu
Sat Apr 20 21:52:07 EST 1996

In article
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Lely Chow <lelyc at u.washington.edu> wrote:

> Hi,
> I was doing an overnight hybe of some Northern and RNA dot blots in a
> shaking waterbath.  Something went wrong and the waterbath had stopped
> shaking when I came in the next morning.  Is shaking absolutely necessary
> for a good signal??  I had 4 blots in 50 mls of hybe solution in a small
> pyrex container.  There was just enough hybe to cover all of the blots and
> still allow for diffusion between blots.
> Thanks in advance,
> --Lely

We typically hyb without shaking, as long there was enough hyb they should
be fine.  ( aside :When you are hybridizing that many filters at one time
have you every thought of using a fine mesh in between?  it can reduce the
volume of hyb needed, and prevent blank spots)

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