Linear acrylamide (was --Re: glycogen as a carrier)

Wayne Coco ifao at
Mon Apr 22 08:57:10 EST 1996

In article <4ki5ba$dkj at>, ashaw5 at (AShaw5) says:
>Abolutely right.  It always surprises me to see these very old and
>classical procedures listed.  We used to make acrylamide carrier by
>polymerizing some acyramide (3-5%).  We then take a needle and homogenize
>the polymerized acrylamide.  It is then spun down to get rid of the big
>insoluble fragments.  The sup should contain sheared linear polymerized
>acrylamide which precipitates in ethanol.
>Andrey Shaw

How critical is the shearing step? Duncan Clark, Sept. 20, 1995, posted 
an article with a sim. recipe without mentioning shearing?


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