Vector as cDNA primer??

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>I have noticed Rubenstein's NAR 18 (16) p.4833 1990 in which he 
>describes a method for making cDNA libraries using a "tailed" 
>linearized vector as the "primer" for cDNA synthesis.
>This presumably could lead to a much improved efficiency of sub-cloning
>following synthesis, which would seem to be a major factor 
>in working with limiting amounts of mRNA (100 ng cDNA?).
>Anyone try this or find other important angles on this problem?
>(Overall goal is subtractive hybridization of cDNA libraries).
>Please E-mail copies,
>J. Graham PhD 
>Biology Department 
>Washington University of St. Louis 
Look up some of the magnetic subtractive methods.  Human Genome Sciences
uses these methods and they have already reported the completed sequence of
one bacterial species.

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