[solubilization of inclusion bodies with SDS?]

Mike Rogers mrogers at mayo.edu
Tue Apr 23 10:51:58 EST 1996

Axel Schumacher wrote:
> In article <4kvb0b$sqr at nuscc.nus.sg>, scip3090 at leonis.nus.sg (Tan Nguan
> Soon) wrote:
> > Can anyone please help me? I have a question, i.e., can proteins in
> > inclusion bodies be solubilize using 1x sample buffer (containing SDS,
> > b-mercap.) followed by 5 min of boiling?
> >
> > thank you.
> Yes, for subsequent gel elctrophoresis that works fine.
> Axel

My experience has been that sometimes the addition of 6-8 M urea is 
necessary to completely solubalize stubborn inclusion bodies.  Hope it 

Michael Rogers

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