poly-His Ab

Jerry Litt jlitt at capecod.net
Tue Apr 23 20:51:32 EST 1996

A very interesting reference you might check is: Hale, JE and Beidler,
DE,  Anal. Biochem. 222, 29-33(1994).  They describe the use of 
chelated metals (particularly Cobalt and Nickel) as "Metal Affinity"
materials to select histidine rich sequences.  Note that the system is
also potentially reversible.  Lot easier to make than an antibody!

BTW, note that they use these chelated materials to pull out
MAbs which have a high-histidine sequence near the carboxy
terminus of the haevy chain.

This paper should give you a number of leads.

corey at MED.PITT.EDU (Seth Corey) wrote:

>this may be rehashed - but are their Ab'
> which blot and ip poly-his-tagged proteins?
>Seth Corey

>p.s. where can one get myc-tagged and ha-tagged vectors?

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