help with semiQ RT-PCR

Janet E. Rubin jrubi02 at
Wed Apr 24 08:43:53 EST 1996

Bernard Murray (bernard at wrote:
: As I say I have strong objections to most of this but if the journal
: wants to accept it then I can't see people complaining.  When the
: manuscript is published I'll pass on the actual reference.
: 		Strange days indeed......
: 			Bernard

Unfortunately that hasn't been my experience, with grants or papers. It 
seems to be a very political thing, or perhaps dependent only on the 
success of the reviewer to get his/her technique going. I guess I think 
it's kind of silly - in the end mRNA is only a signal - if you want to 
know what's there you have to have the protein. But I do believe that 
RT-PCR gives you an idea about *relative* changes in steady state mRNA in 
the expression systems. 

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