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On 22 Apr 1996, Helen Korsmo wrote:

> Date: 22 Apr 1996 17:33:22 GMT
> From: Helen Korsmo <Helkor at>
> To: methods at
> Subject: de-lipidization
> I have a nuclear extract, I want to remove any lipids it might contain.  Is there a method
> using chloroform:methanol (which proportions) and then using the aqueous phase, that 
> would work?  What would you dialyze against before using the treated extract for 
> thankyou

I've never done it in your context, but de-lipidation of serum used in 
cell culture medium is routinely achieved with activated charcoal by 
coutless labs. (The target usually is steroid hormones.) No need to 
dialyze afterwards, only centrifuge and collect supernatant.

Might do what you want?

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