Marsupial genomic library

Brian Brunk brunkb at
Wed Apr 24 15:38:02 EST 1996

I am currently studying an enhancer element that is very well conserved
among all mammals that I have tested including marsupials. I have
amplified and sequenced the element from a variety of mammals including
koala and opossum. The enhancer is 20 kb upstream of the gene in humans
and mice and I want to establish that it is also linked in these marsupial
species. I am looking for a marsupial genomic library (cosmid if
possible) and preferably koala although opossum would be OK also. Does
anyone know if one exists and if so, where I might obtain it? Thanks!

-Brian Brunk

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Dept. of Cell and Developmental Biology
brunkb at

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