Hormones to Antibodies?

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On 23 Apr 1996, Michelle L. Leonce wrote:

> Date: 23 Apr 1996 10:30:44 -0700
> From: Michelle L. Leonce <leoncem at wehle.canisius.edu>
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> Subject: Hormones to Antibodies?
> Does there exist a protocol to make a hormone out of an Ab? The question 
> came up in our immunochemistry class and I would appreciate any resources 
> to answering it. Is it possible that it vice versa- that an Ab could be 
> used as a hormone?!

Your two questions are one and the same and note reciprocal to one 
another. Also, as stated here, it comes across quite differently than the 
one to which I replied earlier.

In this case, the answer is yes: antibodies raised to the binding sites 
of hormone receptors can sometimes mimmic the effect of the hormone. I 
worked with such an Ab to the prolactin receptor in my graduate years, 
in Paul A. Kelly's lab. I have one paper using it (don't remember the 
reference but you can look it up), though there are more interesting 
papers on this subject from Dr. Kelly's lab (probably first authored by 
Masao Katoh, but you're safer searching P.A. Kelly, in the years 1984 and 
following, perhaps even starting in 1983).

Hope this helps.

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