Qiagen Problem (secret buffers)

Paul Wakenight pw at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu
Thu Apr 25 18:27:26 EST 1996

I have just received the Qiagen gel extraciton kit.  These columns can be used 
for PCR and probe purification, but require "secret" buffers which are obviously
simple salt solutions.  Rather than pay 
$35 for 500 ml of what is probably Tris, I am hoping tha some with experience
could recommend which homemade buffers they are using. 

Also, as consumers, I think we should resist this kind of product manipulation.
(Kit = column + $0.75 salt/plastic :: charge 2x).

How can I evaluate a paper if they are using black box kits.  It is a joke to 
read a detailed Methods section, only to fall into a hole at some critical step
(as per Manufacturers instructions).  Correct me if I'm wrong, but full knowledge of one's reagents has been a long and venerable tradition of scientists.

Paul Wakenight
pw at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu

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