Desaturation of [9,10-H3]stearyl-CoA

Cary Stewart MSTP '98 stewcar at
Thu Apr 25 18:07:38 EST 1996

 A simple method for measuring fatty acid desaturation was described in
1968 by B. R. Talamo and K. Bloch (see reference below). This method
utilizes a substrate that is labeled with tritium at the position to be
desaturated, thus releasing tritiated water that can be extracted and
measured in a scintillation counter. I would like to use this method but I
have not been able to locate a supplier of the substrate,
[9,10-H3]stearyl-CoA that I need. I would appreciate any response that may
help in locating a company that may sell this tritiated compound. I have
found one reference from 1974 to DHOM Laboratories but I have not been
able to find a way to contact them (if they still exist). Thanks in

Reference: B. R. Talamo and K. Bloch (1968) A new assay for fatty acid
desaturation. Analytical Biochemistry 29, 300-304.

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Loma Linda University
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