Sending bacteria via mail

Koen De Smet kds30 at
Thu Apr 25 11:05:08 EST 1996

Georg Kroeger wrote:
> Dear Netters,
> someone told me about a simple method do prepare clones for sending by
> mail: spot some suspension culture on a sterile pice of whatman, dry
> (air dry or lyophylisate?) seal in a plastic bag - that's it. Put it
> in an envelope and off they go! To get the clones back, just throw the
> paper in liquid selective medium!
> Sounds very simple and easy to do!  Does anyone know about this
> method?

I once heard that in Mexico, they do something similar: they dry 
clinical samples of patients suspected of having tuberculosis on 
whatman and send it to a diagnostic laboratory for PCR analysis fronm 
this. The question was: who dares to lick these envelopes to close 
Sorry, but I can't help you with your specific question.

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