help with northern quantitation!

Eric C. Anderson e-anderson at
Fri Apr 26 12:44:18 EST 1996

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converrl at (Richard Converse) wrote:

> Hello everyone!
>    We are in need of a probe to quantitate our Northerns--it needs to
> resolve sufficiently from a 2.2 kb message on a 1% gel so as not to
> overlap the signals.
> If anyone has any relevant information, please e-mail me at
> converrl at We would also need a source of vector. The
> tissues we are looking at are mouse cornea, skin, esophagus, tongue, and
> retina.

beta-actin and GAPDH are both in the 1-1.5kb range (i forget their exact
MW) and in the systems where i've used them (mouse multi-tissue blots, C.
elegans developmental blots and hormone treated myeloid cultured cells),
they both work beautifully.  you can probably walk around your floor and
find one or the other of them in a vector, they're pretty ubiquitous.

hope this helps,


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