the best thermal cyclers

Kiley R. Prilliman kprillim at
Fri Apr 26 17:59:16 EST 1996

I don't recall exactly what the price ranges are, but my two favorites 
that I have used are the Stratagene Robocycler and the Idaho 
Technologies RapidCycler.  The Robocycler is IDEAL for rapidly 
maximizing your onditions, since you can set up temperature gradients 
across the respective heat blocks (we actually run one of these daily in 
the lab I belong to).  we used a RapidCycler on loan for about two 
months, and it is ideal for QUICK REACTIONS (15 minutes for 10uL 
reactions, such as might come in handy for diagnostic purposes, and 1 
hour for 50uL reactions).

Hope this helps; sorry I have no prices to give you!

Kiley R. Prilliman
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Oklahoma City, OK

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