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byeongha at PLAZA.SNU.AC.KR wrote:
> Hello, Sir or Madam,
> I am a graduate student at Seoul National University, Korea.
> Do you know one of    Corinne Hermann
>                       Micel Legrand
>                       Pierrette Geoffroy
>                       Bernard Fritg        ?
> I would like to know their E-mail address or fax number for contacting.
> They published the paper, 'Enzymatic synthesis of lignin: purificaion to
> Homogeneity of the three O-Methyltransferases of Tobacco and production
> of specific antibodies. (Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 253: 367-376 (1987)).'
>                                                                ^^^^
> Even though I already know their address in the paper, time of 10 years
> makes me hesitate to use it.

They are working at the IBMP (Institut dfe Biologie Moleculaire des
Plantes in Strasbourg).
use the following URL:

and look for Pathologie Moleculaire des Plantes...

All is here

Good luck

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