Subtractive Hybridization Pitfalls?

James Graham graham at biodec.wustl.edu
Mon Apr 29 10:50:04 EST 1996

Peter and Chi-Kuang,

Thanks very much for the insight. I am indeed working with prokaryotic
cDNA, which is a much less well-described direction, making Peter's 
commments even more important. I also do not see the "lecturing" 
percieved in Chi-Kuang's commments, merely an important observation on
the reduced complexity and therefore smaller "acceptable" library 
size, which does change the approach allowing more streamlining
of the process. Believe me, each has its own "pitfalls" particularily 
potential high GC content and the need to rely on random priming in
the case of bacterial cDNA subtractions.

More discussion most welcome,

J. Graham PhD 
Biology Department 
Washington University of St. Louis 

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