Sooo has anyone found my mysterious paper yet?

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> Some time ago, I asked if anyone could find a citation for a recent paper 
> on the structure of the transcription initiation complex (or some such).  
> The paper asserts that the complex of transcription factors forms a 
> structure similar to the nucleosome octet.
> Has anyone else seen this?  I cannot find it again to save my life.

I think what you're looking for is the crystal structure of a complex
containing the N-terminal regions of Drosophila TAF42 and TAF62 from Steve
Burley's lab.   TAF42/62 form a heterotetramer which is structurally very
similar to the H3/H4 tetramer in the nucleosome octamer.  Reference is Xie
et al, Nature, 380, 316-322 (March 28, 1996).  There's also an
accompanying paper with biochemical results to support this and to suggest
further analogies to the nucleosome octamer in the same issue.

Nakatani et al, JBC, 271, 6575-6578 (March 22, 1996) is another relevant
reference (similar to the accompanying paper).

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