PC12 cell line

Dima Klenchin klenchin at macc.wisc.edu
Tue Apr 30 10:57:10 EST 1996

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   jmcconnell at macmail.meei.harvard.edu (Jane) wrote:
->I have been using the ATCC cell line PC12 for experiments but recently 
->I have been having some problems with the cells not attaching very 
->well to my dishes. I use 100mm and 6 well dishes by Nunc and prepare 
->the dishes by overnight incubation with 100ug/ml of PLL, which is 
->removed and the cells added. The cells are grown in Gibco BRL DMEM,
->5%FBS, 10% Horse serum and 1% of 200mM L-Glutamine (ie 2mM). I have 
->also tested the use of gelatin, rat tail collagen and fibronectin to 
->try to improve adhesion. Does anyone have any suggestions? 
->All suggestions gratefully received!
->Jane McConnell

This is intersting. We plate PC12 on plastic without any treatment and
they attach just fine. AFAIK, PC12 don't require any adhesives. I'd be 
very suspicious of PC12 clone that does not attach well. 

- Dima

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