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In article <4lokuc$fv9 at mark.ucdavis.edu> ez022056 at dale.ucdavis.edu (Edward Wang) writes:

>I have a mystry for you all...
>I got some frozen stock of E.Coli from a friend and tried to streak out 
>on a plate.  Nothing grew...I then pour the rest of the stock (1.5 ml) on 
>to another plate...I got a lawn of cells.  I take some cells from this 
>lawn and tried to streak it...nothing grew.  I take a bigger sample from 
>this lawn and grew it in liquid, it was turbid in 24 hrs.  I streak this 
>liquid culture on plates, nothing grew...
>Any ideas?
>By the way...all media contains 50ug/ml Amp, which is the selection 
>marker for the cells.

A guess... your loop is too hot after you flame it.


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