Looking for H. Bujard's Tet system plasmids: pBI-4 ...

Fred Jacobs f_jacobs at biomira.com
Thu Aug 1 11:05:02 EST 1996

Eric Rheaume wrote:
> I am trying to get vectors pUHD 15-1 neo, pUHD 172-1 neo, pUHG 17-1,
> and pBI-4. These vectors are used for Tet-repressed or modified
> Tet-induced expression in eukaryotes and were produced by Dr. Hermann
> Bujard's lab. In the past, Dr. Bujard used to send them directly to
> other labs (some 10000 shippments apparently) but not any more since
> Clontech now distribute some of Dr. Bujard's vectors. Unfortunately,
> not all vectors are distibuted by Clontech. We are mostly interested
> to get pBI-4. So if somebody have one or more of the above indicated
> vectors, please email me so that I can give you our FedEx number
> account for shipping at our costs.
> Many Thanks!!!
> Eric Rheaume
> Lab of Immunology
> 110, West Pine Avenue
> Montreal, Quebec, Canada
> H2W 1R7

BASF now own the patent rights to the Tet system. They should know who 
is distributing which vectors.  Contact them at:
Amy Porter
Director of Business Development
BASF Bioresearch Corp
100 Research Drive
Worchester MA 01605-4314

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