DNA Mass Ladder problems

Bettina Lehnhardt blehn at map_1.iae.tu-berlin.de
Thu Aug 1 14:09:50 EST 1996

I had some problems with gibco kb- and 123bp- ladder
on the agarose gel they showed duplicated bands
because the ionic strength of the solution was too low
I added one volume of TE before loading mass ladder on the gel
good luck


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On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, KARU wrote:

> Has anybody used the Gibco-BRL Low DNA mass ladder?  I have been having problem
> s getting an agarose gel run in which the ladder gives reproducible results upo
> n analysis of bands using a digital image of the EB stained gel. I use an Eagle
>  Eye II to image the gels.  Each gel run appears different with the bands havin
> g different densities.  Sometimes lower mass bands are more dense than higher m
> ass bands.  Has anyone experienced any problems?  Does anyone know of other mas
> s ladders available?
> P.S.  in case anyone is wondering what the mass ladder is, it contains bands of
>  DNA that each have a "known" mass.  For example, if 4microliters of Mass ladde
> r is loaded, the 2000bp band has a mass of 200ng, the 1000bp has 120ng, etc.

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