N-terminal His-tag expression vector

Susana Galvez hodges at psisun.u-psud.fr
Thu Aug 1 08:23:50 EST 1996

Hi there

I have just modified the pET3d (8c) vector to include a 6xHis tag in phase
with the ATG of the NcoI restriction site. However, as yet I have not used
it to see if it works !!!! (I am also at the moment modifying pET30a to
remove the 5' his-tag, S-tag enterokinase site etc and to replace this
with a simple 6xHis tag..again infront of the NcoI site). If this sort of
thing interests you then let me know.

All the best, Michael

In article <Pine.SOL.3.92.960730133218.17139A-100000 at darwin.UCSC.EDU>,
sherif at DARWIN.UCSC.EDU wrote:

> Hi to all:
>         I am searching for a bacterial expression vector [pET style
> vectors] with an N-terminal His tag. Is anybody out there willing
> to provide one.
> Thanks.
> Sherif

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