Tetracycline inducible system

Dong Yin dxyin at clontech.com
Thu Aug 1 19:25:47 EST 1996

grggta at picr.cr.man.ac.uk (Graham Atherton) wrote:
> Eric Rheaume wrote:
> Subj:	Looking for H. Bujard's Tet system plasmids: pBI-4 ...

> I am looking for the same construct - please let me know of a source for this
> (pBI-4) too!!
> G Atherton
> grggta at picr.cr.man.ac.uk

Dear Dr. Rheaume and Dr. Atherton:
Both Dr. Bujard and CLONTECH intend to satisfy the need of all the researchers in the most timely fashion.  CLONTECH will start shipping pBI-4 on August 15 (2 weeks from now).  All other TET system related reagent will be available from CLONTECH in several phases later.  We can not release all reagent at the same time because of production and QC time (for pBI for example) and because of licensing issues (for some TET reagent developed by other labs).  Please call us after August 15 to purchase pBIs.

If for any reason CLONTECH fails to release pBIs by August 15, please send me a FAX (415) 354-0776 and I will try to arrange sending you a complimentary aliquot, which may not contain as much supporting document as official product.  If you decide to request a complimentary sample, please state in your FAX (1) your address; (2) the exact name(s) of the plasmid(s) you need; (3) your FedEX account # if available; and (4) a statement promising not to transfer this reagent to any third party without written approval of CLONTECH (or Dr. Bujard).  Since Dr. Bujard had sent out pBIs only to a limited number of people and all samples were accompanied with an MTA prohibiting distribution, it is unlikely you can get pBI from another researcher.

I hope this information helps.  Best wishes to your research.

Dong X. Yin
CLONTCH Laboratories, Inc.
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Palo Alto, CA 94303

(800) 662-2566 ext. 1470
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