How many kb in a centiMorgan??

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Fri Aug 2 11:00:13 EST 1996

a centimorgan is a unit of genetic distance. Two loci are 1 cM apart if there
is a 1% chance of recombination between them in a given meiotic event.

The relation to physical distance is not truly linear becuase of recombination
hotspots average chromosome contains about 150cM, there are about
3300cM in the whole human genome. Therefore, on average, 1cM is about 1
million bp (1000kb)

...found definition in Priniciples of Medical Genetics...


Graham Dellaire (dellaire at ODYSSEE.NET) wrote:
: Hello all,

: I have forgotten the conversion for cM distances in the average 
: mammalian genome. Does anyone remember the number of kb in a cM?

: Thanks in advance....

: this is really bugging me (hehe)

: Graham Dellaire
: McGill University
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