Reasons for PCR failure....?

Bill Burnett bbur at
Fri Aug 2 09:05:31 EST 1996

Hi gang...

Okay, we've all been there....  One day the PCR's are great, next day
they don't work.  You change everything, they still don't work.  You
clean, polish and sterilise everything and they still don't work.  You
try multiple different water sources, you try different batches of taq,
you prepare them on ice, you prepare them at RT, you do hot start, you 
don't do hot start, you check your cycler, you don't wear aftershave,
you make new templates, you use old templates that used to look great...
And they still don't work.

So what's the weirdest, wackiest reason you've ever come up with for 
them not working?

At this point, after 2 months, I'll try *anything*.



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