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Dr Alexander J Annala ucklw08 at
Fri Aug 2 16:56:41 EST 1996

As an aside -- you can run NIH Image (Mac Version) on IBM PC DOS/Windows
by using an inexpensive Mac simulator program called Executor from -- pretty impressive way to run Mac software on PCs.
I also run some older Mac based molecular biology software (strider etc)
on PC using Executor.

In article <31FCD383.C1 at cc.UManitoba.CA> grimm at writes:
>Edouard Lauzier wrote:
>> Hello all ...
>> I'm working for the very first time with NIH Image to measure scanned
>> autoradiograms of dot blots...
>> Un fortunetly, no one in my lab has experience with it.  So any help about
>> that matter would be appreciated...
>> e.g. settings, calibration, measurements, interpretation etc...
>> Thanks in advance, help is badly need...
>You should direct this request to the NIH image home page. There is a 
>FAQ and an active list group that will answer questions...And there 
>probably has been this discussion there already.
>PS it is a GREAT application....and free too.
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