Anyone tried Sypro Gel Stains???

Toumy Guettouche tguettou at newssun
Fri Aug 2 13:59:01 EST 1996

On 1 Aug 1996, Mike Holbrook wrote:

> I am looking into using the Sypro gel staining reagents from Molecular 
> Probes in SDS/PAGE gels.  I will be using a Molecular Dynamics STORM 
> Phosphorimager as a detection system.  Molecular Dynamics also sells a 
> protein gel staining reagent, Allpro I think it is called.
> I was curious if anyone had tried either of these systems, especially in 
> conjunction with the STORM machine.  I would be interested to hear 
> positive or negative reports on either system and an explanation of some 
> of the problems you might have had.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike
I tried both Sypro Orange and Sypro Red and in my case it did not work 
very well. I had quiet high background (esp with Sypro Orange) even 
though I reduced the SDS in the gel according to their instructions.
However, I did not bother to play around a lot since I found a modified 
Coomassie Stain that works well. For documentation I used a UV 
transilluminator, their filter and a polaroid camera system. 
In some of their older manuals they also include a protocol in which 
they claim you can stain and afterwards still transfer. In my hands you 
loose a lot of sensitivity , get high background and the transfer does not 
work as well. However, I think they do not distribute this protocols 

Good Luck


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