Taq polymerase patent (not)

Dr. James E. Graham graham at biodec.wustl.edu
Sat Aug 3 19:52:41 EST 1996

> I always thought patent only apply if you want make money out of it.  I
> thought that anyone can make the enzyme "at home" even for PCR, as long
> as he doesn't sell it. Isn't that true?

A recent Biotechniques article describes a primer pair, and a method 
where one can clone the Taq pol gene from T. aquaticus DNA by PCR,
express it in E.coli, and purify it in one step by simply boiling the 
cell lysate, as the polymerase is then apprenlty the only enzyme in the 
cell which does not denature, aggregate and precipitate. Haven't 
tried it myself.

A literature search should point the way. :)

J. Graham PhD 
Biology Department 

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