Double stranded dna Sequencing help

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> Hi there,
>               I have to sequence three clones that I will use to express 
> in Drosophila. I am having some problems with the sequencing due to too 
> much stacking of the bands. I know this can be caused because of 
> secondary structures and so on, but I would like to know if somebody can 
> pass me on, let's say, the latest version of the best method for 
> sequencing doubled stranded DNA. I use the Pharmacia kit, does anyone 
> uses something else besides what they provide ?
> thanks,
> Mozart

We use the Sequenase 2.0 kit from USB which works nicely. They even supply
different extra solutions to get rid of this kind of problem.

Christoph Becker
University of Mainz, Germany

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