SDS PAGE band blurring

Inyup Park ipark at
Sun Aug 4 22:29:07 EST 1996

brett (brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU) wrote:
: >My lab has had problems with SDS PAGE band blurring.  A visible line
: >demarcates the difference between normal bands on top, and uninterpretable
: >blurs below.  Both bands and blurs occur above the dye front.  The line
: >has been observed at different positions.  We have also noticed that in
: >these gels, the dye front begins to turn from blue to yellow (using
: >Bromophenol Blue as a marker).  Anybody know what's going on?  Any help
: >would be greatly appreciated. 
: > 
: >Frances Chen
: >fchen at

: Sounds as if your lower buffer has little buffering capacity. First thing I'd
: do is remake it.

The volume capacity of the buffer tank could also be the problem --
we solved the same problem by getting a bigger electrophoresis tank.

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