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> Subject: silver staining... 
> hi there,
> 	anybody know if there's a way to re-stain a silver stained gel?
> i've already stained and developed my gels, but am still not getting the
> bands as intense as i want them...yes, i know the most obvious thing here
> is the amount loaded on the gel to begin weith and the concentration of
> it...what i want to know is if there's a way to "re-expose"/"over-expose"
> my stain...would longer staining times in my staining solution work?
> currently i stain for 15 min, rinse with water and develop until the bands
> show up...i suppose i could just lengthen the exposure times...any
> ideas???  thx...cheers...

I stain my gels with an alkaline diamine silver solution and develop them 
with acidic formaldehyde solution. If I get too weak bands I wash the gel 
twice with water (10 min. for a 1 mm thick mini-gel) and restain it. The 
silver reduced during the first staining step (even if invisible) 
catalyzes silver reduction during the second one. So take care not to 
overstain the gel. A drawback of this method frequently is higher 

Hope that helps


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