Chloropane ??? what the h... ???

Robot Boy ed at
Sun Aug 4 22:19:19 EST 1996

Hi All,

I'm trying to use the a "hot phenol" RNA extraction protocol that someone 
else from the lab has previously used sucessfully. It just so happens 
that she's on holidays, and I have no clue what "chloropane" is !!!!
I'm supposed to use it to extact the aqueous phase after two successive 
extractions with hot phenol. And then I'm supposed to re-extract with 

I've looked on the sigma catalogue and no mention there either...and it 
sure as hell doesn't seem to be on our flamables cabinet nor in the !!! I've got the tissues all ready to go !!! 
like...right now !!

thanks for your help,

Ed Taboada
Dept. of Biology
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada

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