Cellulose-substrate for Chromatography

Nadia Wechsler nadiaandefi at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 5 10:08:50 EST 1996

I am trying to evaluate the value of a technology, which the patent 
owners claim is a "molecular velcro", i.e. a very widely applicable one; 
with superior cost, time and non-specific binding characteristics.

I would appreciate feedback from practicing scientists with relevant 
expertise, e.g. in bioprocessing. (I myself was trained as a 
biophysicist, but have been of touch with the science world for 15 years 
or so..)  
Assuming the description above is correct,
Does this solve a real problem? In research? Industry? - Is the problem 
real/big enough for something like this to get pulses racing??

What would be the largest potential commercial applications?

Thank you very much.

Nadia Wechsler
nadiaandefi at worldnet.att.net

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