freeze-squeeze (Re: geneclean: vortexing)

Jim Graham graham at
Mon Aug 5 15:54:52 EST 1996

Just take your EtBr stained low-melt gel slice and put it in the -70 for a 
few minutes. Centrifuge it and use the supernatant directly. Works fine for 
ligation, sequencing, T7 transcription, T4 blunting, and everything else 
I've ever tried. The advantage over Gene-clean, Prep-a-Gene, Quiagen is 
that it works EVERY SINGLE TIME, because the visualized DNA cannot be 
lost, as only one microcentrifuge tube is involved. :)

J. Graham PhD 
Biology Department 
Washington University of St. Louis 

>> I have moved to the freeeze-squize long time ago: better yields than
>> GeneClean and no limit in size.

>The problem with freeze-squeeze is the huge elution volume.  When you use
>any reasonable amount for a ligation reaction the yields are much lower
>than for GeneClean.  Also, you have to use miniscule amounts to avoid
>inhibiting enzymatic reactions.  Are my limited experiences with
>freeze-squeeze, which is by far the simplest cleanup method possible


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