UV crosslinking of DNA to proteins

Luc Vallieres Luc.Vallieres at crchul.ulaval.ca
Mon Aug 5 17:12:48 EST 1996

 > I am planning a series of experiments in which I want to try and 
 > uv-crosslink a putative DNA-binding protein to both ds and ss human DNA. 
 > I have access to a BioRad GS Gene Linker but the instruction manual 
 > doesn't give any information on this. Does anyone know:
 > (1)  Can I use the Gene Linker for this?
 > (2)  If so, what settings etc should I try?
 > (3)  How should I present the DNA:protein mixtures (in tubes, as drops 
 > on Parafilm, something else?

I successfully used this method in a previous study. See the following paper:

Roy, R., L. Vallieres, S. Leclerc and S. Guerin. 1994. The rat growth hormone
proximal silencer contains a novel DNA-binding site for multiple nuclear
that represses basal promoter activity. Eur. J. Biochem. 225: 419-432.

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