MCH in mammals

Anabela Pinto Jensen biozapj at
Sun Aug 4 10:06:36 EST 1996

I'm NOT a molecular biologist, therefore I need your help.
I'm studing social behaviour in badgers and I need to know who is
fahtering the litters. I was thinking about analysing  MHC  from blood
samples in the whole clan. Is is  possible to do in practice?
WOuld you  please give me some information about literature and
laboratories working on this method where I could eventually spend some
time learning the technique.
I also though about DNA finger prints, but my question is, how do I know
what part of the DNA shall I use to identify  the father?

As I said, I'm not molecular bilogist ( I'm beahvioural ecologist), and my
interest in molecucar biology is just using it  as a tool. I would like to
avoit spendind much time on the lab trying to make those methods to work
out. I need something very precise and goal directed.

Please reply to  my address and not over the list, since I don't check
this list .
THanks for your help

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