Harris -80 Freezers

Mark Farinha farinha at cas1.unt.edu
Tue Aug 6 11:46:28 EST 1996

In article <nigel-0308961403420001 at kos5mac19.berkeley.edu>, nigel at mendel.berkeley.edu says:
>Does anyone out there have experience (good or bad) with Harris -80 freezers?
>The sales rep claimed they were basically relabeled Revcos, but I'm a
>little nervous about spending money on/trusting our samples to a brand
>I've never heard of before.

I bought a Puffer Hubbard made by Harris and it's a piece of junk. Never worked well from
out of the crate. I also had terrible problems with service from Harris. 
They made promises of fixing the engineering problem with my unit but
never did anything in now 6 months.  Maybe they have better designs and 
service for the other brand names that they sell. They won't see any
more of my money.

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