RNA Quantification...

Allan Colthart ac50 at le.ac.uk
Tue Aug 6 18:55:41 EST 1996

Edouard Lauzier wrote:
> If  I re-quantify RNA samples ( five years old... ) and the values I get
> give me higher 260/280 ratio but less RNA...
> Is there any logical explanation ??
> Thanks...
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> Edouard Lauzier, B.Sc.                           elauzier at fse.ulaval.ca
> Physical Activity Science Laboratory       (418) 656-2131 #2929
> (Laval University)  G1K 7P4

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this, but 5 year old RNA 
samples are pretty unlikely to contain much in the way of useable RNA. 
Chances are that the nucleotides are giving this higher OD260. Have you 
run some on a gel (you say that you know the RNA yield is lower).


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