1997 FEBS Meeting on Cell Signalling Mechanisms

Albert Noorlandt a.c.noorlandt at chem.ruu.nl
Tue Aug 6 19:24:42 EST 1996

FEBS Special Meeting on
Cell Signalling Mechanisms, From membrane to nucleus
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 29­July 3, 1997

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The meeting will cover the following topics:
€  Tyrosine kinases
€  MAP-, Ser/Thr-kinases
€  G-coupled receptors
€  Lymphokine receptors
€  Ras, Rac, Rho-proteins
€  Ca2+, cGMP, NO
€  Lipid signalling
€  Steroid receptors
€  Transcription factors
€  Cell cycle, Apoptosis

For further information contact:
Secretariat FEBS Special Meeting 1997
Lidy Groot Congress Events
P.O. Box 83005
1080 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31.20.679 3218
Fax: +31.20.675 8236
Email: lidy.groot at inter.nl.net

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