normalizing expression

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Tue Aug 6 07:21:39 EST 1996

On Sun, 4 Aug 1996 lank-mrc at wrote:

> I need details of how people actually "normalize" the RNA expression of a
> particular gene of interest vs. a house-keeping gene.  Can simple devision
> be used?  Or is there some complicated formular invoving log and antilog? 
> All comments are appreciated.
> lank-mrc at
I am using an 18S as standard in RPA's and express results as number of
molecules of a particular mRNA per molecule of 18S i.e, results are
normalized by the amount of total RNA. I think that housekeeping gene 
mRNA amounts (GAPDH, actinidin for example)
that are often used for this purpose are not stable enough.
Regards Kerstin

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