Chloropane ??? what the h... ???

Olivier Gandrillon ogandril at
Tue Aug 6 03:47:19 EST 1996

I used to extract RNAs with a solution called chloropane. It was made of 
1 volume phenol plus one volume chloroforme and 0.05 % hydroxyquinoline; 
10 mM NaCH3COO pH 6.0; 100 mM NaCl and 1 mM EDTA. I have no idea where 
this comes from (I mean a ref) but this might well be the same 
chloropane you're supposed to use.

Hope this helps.


Robot Boy wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to use the a "hot phenol" RNA extraction protocol that someone
> else from the lab has previously used sucessfully. It just so happens
> that she's on holidays, and I have no clue what "chloropane" is !!!!
> I'm supposed to use it to extact the aqueous phase after two successive
> extractions with hot phenol. And then I'm supposed to re-extract with
> chloroform/IAA...
> I've looked on the sigma catalogue and no mention there either...and it
> sure as hell doesn't seem to be on our flamables cabinet nor in the
> !!! I've got the tissues all ready to go !!!
> like...right now !!
> thanks for your help,
> Ed Taboada
> Dept. of Biology
> University of Ottawa
> Ottawa, Canada

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