Reasons for PCR failure....?

Joan Shields joan at
Tue Aug 6 14:38:55 EST 1996

Sailesh Surapureddi wrote:
>> >         Here some of the reasons that I picked up for PCR, which might be
>> > helpful to you.

Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:
>> Nice job, but you forgot the most important one:
>>1) Failure to sacrifice small animal to the PCR gods, and to perform the 
>> ritual dance...

Gerald Hamilton  <g.hamilton at> wrote:
>Sacrifice of the small animal is critical. We use Palmetto bugs (Giant 
>flying cockroaches), and they work great! :)

I put a dime in the machine as an offering - but some lowlife keeps
stealing the dimes....

this is true - would I lie to you?

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